Daniela Bic

danielaThis year I was blessed by God to be able to go once again to Moldova, in the same place where I was two years ago, in Soroca.

In the first couple of days I told myself “it will not be the same as last time I was there” and it almost seemed like I was living from memories.  This state […]


karinaGoing to Moldova was a life changing experience! I learned that no matter how little or how much we have in life, the most important thing to have is faith in the Saving Power of Jesus. I am happy that I was able to take part in this mission. Being able to tell these kids about Jesus and helping expand […]


annaExperiencing God In Moldova

This is my first year going to Moldova with Kingdoms kids, in fact it’s my first time ever doing any type of ministry work outside of the United States. I heard about it about five months before the trip, which I thought was too late considering everyone had been spending the whole year fundraising in preparation for […]


AlinaShe is Alina, she is a young lady with disabilities. I met her this summer on the mission trip in Moldova. Alina has a big smile and a gentle character. During the mission, our leader Eli visited her often and gave her several Bibles. Alina not only shared the Gospel from the Bible with her neighbors but also passed them […]


slavicAbout a year ago God put in my heart the desire of going on a mission trip.  I didn’t know where God wanted me to go, but I knew this was from God.  A few months later I had the opportunity to be at the RYBA Missions Conference and there God showed me that Moldova was the place I needed […]


DavidThe main reason I went on this mission trip was because of my younger sister Jessica. We went to a spring mission conference and did some local missions work in Charlotte, North Carolina. This stirred a longing passion in my sister to do missionary work overseas. The Moldovan mission trip was coming up and we found out more about it […]