danielaThis year I was blessed by God to be able to go once again to Moldova, in the same place where I was two years ago, in Soroca.

In the first couple of days I told myself “it will not be the same as last time I was there” and it almost seemed like I was living from memories.  This state of being did not give me joy.  I started praying and God gave me peace and helped me work together with my team for the children.  This year, through God’s grace, I was involved a lot through playing on my guitar.  Anytime we sang, I had to bring my guitar.  Two of the boys from my group, Bogdan and Ion always wanted to carry my guitar.  Bogdan was one of the boys that came to VBS two years ago.  He came from a Christian family and he knew a lot and was active.  But like any kid, he needed attention.  At the end of the missions, I felt that he was hurting because he would not see us again, but did not want me to see that he was sad so that I in turn would be sad.  In the end, I took a picture with him and had to tell him goodbye.

Just as Isaiah was ready to impart to the Israelites what God had for them, and as Jesus willingly came to tell us of the Gospel, us who are lost, I too desire that anytime God wants me to do His work to help me renounce my selfish desires and to be where He wants me.  Why?  Because He wants to bring others to Him through us and in the meanwhile sanctify us.

May He receive all the praise and glory.  He will water the ground where the Gospel was planted and in the right moment He will also harvest.  When we will meet Him in glory, may He say about me and you “well done good and faithful servant; come and share your master’s happiness.”

– Daniela Bic