Get Involved


Prayer is the respiration of the soul, the intimate bond with one’s Creator and Savior…

  • pray for this summer’s mission trip and the hearts and minds of those who will hear the gospel.
  • pray for all the missionaries and leaders who are involved.
  • pray for the local missionaries in Moldova who continue working during the year.


  • Contact our program coordinators or our volunteer coordinators and find out how you can help
  • Share this mission with those around you – ask us about presentations and videos you can show in your community


  • Help us provide food, clothing, and school supplies for orphaned and impoverished children
  • Sponsor our dentistry team to bring beautiful smiles to hundreds of orphans
  • Ask about one of our special projects – whether it’s Easter gift baskets, building a bathroom where there is none, or buying shoes for an orphanage, you can be a blessing.